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Our charter department has noticed a big increase in inquiries for Bahama yacht charters, especially for Bahama bareboat charter vacations.

exumas map

The Exumas, Bahamas

Let’s take a quick look at the latest boating-related news coming out of the Bahamas:

1)  The wreck at Bacchus Rock (Exumas) has been raised and is now anchored where it  sank.  It is no longer a hazard to navigation.

2) There are two new locations for food and beverage provisioning in Georgetown (Exumas):  Denny’s (next to Exuma Markets),  and Pet’s Place (behind Tranee’s Beauty Salon).

Pet's Place Menu

Pet's Place healthy food deli and internet cafe bareboat provisioning market in the Exumas

3)  Remember – Elizabeth Harbour (Great Exuma) is a no-discharge zone, with fines running $1000 to $5000.

elizabeth harbour

Elizabeth Harbour (Great Exuma) is a no-discharge zone

An excellent service for cruising boaters and bareboat sailors is the recycle center, located near the basketball court to the south of Lake Victoria.    They take glass, plastic, metal, and cardboard.  


Recycle on your bareboat charter to protect the ocean










4)  Watch your mast height when passing under the bridge from Great Exuma to Crab Cay.  Clearance is 5 meters at low water.  Vessels with a shoal draft and a height clearance under 16 feet should have no problem.

crab cay bridge

Crab Cay Bridge - watch your mast height

5)  There is talk of a proposed,  $64 million bridge to link Abaco to Grand Bahama.  Those in favor say a bridge would make it easier to conduct commercial activities between the islands. Opponents are concerned about the cost.  Some say the least expensive alternative is to fill in land between the two islands and build a road.

Do you think a bridge from Abaco to Grand Bahama is a good idea?  Comment on this blog, or contact us HERE to share your opinion!

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how to provision a bareboat charter

How to provision for your bareboat yacht charter

So you’ve made the decision to do a Virgin Island bareboat charter. Congratulations! Obviously, you are comfortable with the responsibility of taking the helm and charting your own course.

Now, what should you do about your food and drink provisioning? After all, when you decide to do a bareboat charter, instead of hiring a crew, the responsibilities of cooking and cleaning are all up to you.

Here are your two basic options for provisioning:


Most charter companies will offer to stock your yacht with food and beverages – for a fee. You can choose from a half-board plan, sometimes known as split provisioning, or a full-board plan. The split plan gives you two meals a day, and the full-board plan is three meals a day.

Unless you are sailing in a remote area, our charter specialists suggest the split plan. This gives you the option of going ashore for either lunch or dinner and sampling the local island cuisine.

We also recommend provisioning for no more than 3-4 days during a 7-day charter. There are just so many opportunities to dine ashore in most Caribbean locations – it’s a shame to let extra food go to waste.

In the Caribbean, the typical cost to arrange for split food provisioning is approximately $30 per person per day.

As to drinks, most charter companies will give you a list of available beverages, including waters, soda, and alcohol. These items are purchased at a slight premium above retail and are stocked onto the yacht before your arrival.

In addition to food and beverage options, most charter companies offer a “starter” package of non perishable items, such as toilet paper, matches, charcoal, and plastic utensils.


If you have the time prior to the commencement of your sail boat charter, you can hit the local market and provision the boat, yourself. Of course, this might cut into your time on deck, enjoying the sunshine, but it can also save you a wad of cash.

If you elect to stock the boat yourself, save time by planning your basic food and drink menu from home, prior to your charter. Don’t forget to purchase non-food items such as charcoal for the grill, napkins, paper towels, etc.  Again, we suggest no more than 3 to 4 days worth of fresh food onboard for a 7-night charter.

*TIME SAVER!*  If you arrive a day before your charter and are staying in a hotel, ask your charter company if you can have access to the boat prior to the charter. Early access gives you time to stock the fridge and bring supplies onboard without cutting into your actual charter time.

Whether you purchase a provisioning package or you do it yourself, it is nice to have options.  The choice is yours and simply depends upon your budget…and your time!

When you charter a bareboat, do you pay for provisioning, or do you provision it, yourself?  Why?

Whatever you want to talk about, put it here. cialis south africa Written By: Christina Beck May 12, Chat Now.