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If you are planning to fish in the British Virgin Islands, don't forget to get a license!

Are you planning a bareboat yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands this winter or spring?

If you are, you are probably contemplating packing a small rod and reel in your duffle bag.  After all, catching your own dinner is one of the true delights of a sail bareboat adventure.

Before you pack your fishing gear, take note – if caught fishing without a fishing license in the British Virgin Islands, you will be subject to heavy fines, and your fishing equipment (and the sail yacht bareboat you have rented) may be confiscated by authorities.

It is this simple:  It is a legal requirement that anyone dropping a hook and line in the BVI waters MUST have a fishing license.

Each person fishing must have a recreational fishing license, except persons age 18 and under.

For a $10 fee, Last Stop Sports (LSS) in Tortola, BVI can process the license application for Caribbean yacht charter customers and their guests before arrival. Clients must send all required documents to LSS at least one week in advance.

For last minute bookings, starting on a weekend, the deadline is Thursday at 9a.m.

The license is valid for 1 month and costs $45.

A photocopy of a valid photo ID must accompany the application.

It is not necessary to rent fishing gear from LSS – they can still process the licensing request, and they will have the licenses available for pickup upon arrival at the yacht fleet base in the British Virgin Islands.

Licenses can also be obtained directly from the Department of Conservation and Fisheries Administration building in Road Town, Tortola, BVI. The government office closes early on Friday afternoons and doesn’t reopen until Monday morning.  It is closed weekend and public holidays. Call the Fisheries Division at 284 494-3429 for more information.

To book your own Caribbean odyssey this winter or spring, contact here.


Sometimes it is more enjoyable to sit back and leave the sailing to someone else.  If you’re ready to upgrade to a crewed Caribbean yacht charter vacation, click here to contact SailAway Yacht Charter Consultants – yacht charter professionals since 1976.

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Basics of Bareboating

February 25th, 2010 | 1 Comment »

Have you ever dreamed about renting a bareboat and just sailing away?

You can do this on bareboat yacht charters!

Bareboats range from thirty to fifty feet in length. You can charter a catamaran (two hulls, very stable in the water and very roomy), monohull (one hull), or powerboat (boat powered by engines, not sails). These yachts come with everything you need to operate them, as well as kitchen utensils, bedding, and towels. Some charters provide you with a dinghy with motor at no charge.

Are you interested in a sailboat or a powerboat for your bareboat charter vacation?

Are you interested in a sailboat or a powerboat for your bareboat charter vacation?

A bareboat is a yacht that you sail yourself, or you can hire a captain (referred to as a captain only or skippered charter), if you wish. 

While you are not required in the Caribbean or the United States to provide a certificate or license to charter a boat, you will have to demonstrate experience and skill (called a “check out sail”) to be allowed to operate the yacht by yourself – otherwise you will require (and will have to pay to hire) a captain to assist you. 

Your bareboat yacht charter company will ask you critical basic questions in order to select the perfect boats from which to choose for your vacation. Those questions include whether you want a sailboat or a powerboat, the destination in which you want to charter, the number of guests in your charter party, amenities required (like air-conditioning), and budget.

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