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Typical mooring field for a bareboat yacht charter vacation

Typical mooring field for a bareboat yacht charter vacation

So here you are, planning your first time Caribbean bareboat charter. Of course,
you are excited – you’ve read the glossy brochures, submitted your bareboat
charter paperwork to your yacht charter broker, and you and your friends
and anxious to take to the sea!
As you begin to pack your bags and review your personal travel check list, remember
preparation is biggest “secret” to a successful voyage and a great Caribbean yacht charter
vacation for everyone.
Let’s review some helpful tips that can “make or break” your first time
Caribbean yacht charter – docking, anchoring, and tying up in a mooring field.
Remember to BE AWARE OF WINDAGE, especially on catamarans and bigger-model monohulls. This is also
important and applies to any slow maneuvers in confined or crowded areas like harbors, mooring fields or channels.  Check prevailing wind conditions BEFORE you enter a confined area, and appoint a crew member to serve as your second set of eyes, to make sure you do not hit anything.
When anchoring and docking, the captain and crew should USE HAND SIGNALS. Get together
before the trip and come up with several agreed-upon hand signals. You don’t want to be attempting a maneuver
in a channel or confined area and find your self guessing as to the meaning of a particular arm wave or gestures by your crew!
Grabbing a mooring ball takes good communication (again – hand signals). An extra crew, if you have one,
should assist the bow person, who has the toughest job. Preparation, planning and practice definitely contribute to success.
You should always scope out a dock, mooring field or anchorage prior to picking your target destination. This
gives you a chance to compare your notes from the chart briefing, as well as your destination cruising guide.
It is important to NOTE ALL PREVAILING CONDITIONS – the wind speed, direction, water depth,
current or swell, any land protection, boat traffic and any charted hazards in the area.
A final tip – listen to that little voice in your head. There are times something pops up in your head or you have a 6th sense to double check something, or make a certain decision. If you have practiced and planned ahead, your instincts should keep you on the right course. Bon voyage!

Trust your intuition!

Trust your intuition!

When you are ready to plan your bareboat yacht charter vacation, trust the experts at 1-800-BAREBOAT. Call us at 1-800-BAREBOAT (800-227-3262) or email  We offer special prices, a bareboat guarantee, and unparalleled customer service for the newest bareboats in the best destinations!

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Dufour 525 Boat of the Year 2009

Dufour 525 Boat of the Year 2009

If you are a bareboat charter enthusiast, you will marvel at the 2009 Cruising World Boat of the Year.  The US-based yachting magazine CRUISING WORLD has announced the winners of the Cruising World Boat of the Year 2009. Dufour Yachts, a perennial favorite among Mediterranean yacht charter customers has been rewarded twice!

The Dufour 40 Performance bareboat charter yacht won the prize for “Best Midsize Cruiser,”  while the Dufour 525 Grandlarge is the overall winner in the category, “Best Full Size Cruiser.”

Known among bareboat charter yacht fans everywhere as the Rolls Royce of sailing yachts, the Dufour 525 combines sleek, elegant European styling by French and Italian designers with stiff, strong construction – making her a safe and fast blue water cruiser.

The topsides feature a low coach roof, uncluttered teak decks, dual wheels, a German mainsheeting system operated at the helm, wide transom, and electrically operated swim platform.

Below decks, the mood is light and airy with a mix of mahogany and lighter textures illuminated by multiple ports and hatches. The owner can choose from 8 different layouts that include three to five cabins with either a longitudinal or u-shaped galley.   We feel the yacht charter marketplace will favor the 3 and 4 cabin layouts, as most yacht charter vacations are booked for 6 to 8 passengers.

On the water, a deep V’d hull design delivers a favorable compromise between sea kindliness and speed while electric winches let the crew trim the sails with the touch of a button.

The Dufour 525 is a sleek, classy vessel that can transport its passengers in safety and comfort anywhere its skipper chooses to sail, whether a Mediterranean yacht charter holiday or a Caribbean yacht charter vacation.

Dufour Yachts is a French sailboat manufacturer founded in 1964 by designer Michael Dufour.  2009 finds the builder fully commited to environmentally-friendly building practices:

* IROKO FSC wood: the company has chosen this wood for a healthy and durable forest management. By using FSC certified wood (Forest Stewardship Council), the builder supports a sustainable forest management to satisfy environmental, social and economic standards.

* New generation Volvo engine: the company installs latest technology engines which reduce emission of particles by 50%, while noise is being limited providing pleasure to everybody.

* Strong power alternator: the builder installs 115-140 amp service, to limit the time for batteries to refill and, consequently, to reduce the consumption of energy.

* LED Navigation lights with low energy consumption: to provide a luminous output (much higher than the traditional sources) that generates huge energy saving. (These navigation lights use less than 10% of the necessary energy to light a traditional source of 25W).

* Sea Water Foot Pump: to save fresh water resources on board.

* Injection/infusion Decks: the builder manufactures decks through injection/infusion to limit the emissions of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and to reduce air pollution.

* System carburizing anti-overflow: to prevent spilling when filling in cooperation with the French Marine Federation (FIN).

* Holding tanks with a large capacity: to limit rejections and to preserve our maritime environment.

* Kit of biodegradable hygiene products: for a first gesture towards an eco-responsible behaviour.

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