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So you’re about to enjoy your first bareboat charter in the Caribbean.  You own a powerboat back home and can’t wait to try your hand at a Caribbean yacht charter vacation.  If you practice the same mechanical checks on your bareboat charter yacht that you do on your own boat, chances are you’ll be in for a hassle-free adventure.

The best advice we can offer a motoryacht bareboat charter client is this – perform a daily engine check – even if the engine was running well yesterday!

Here’s a step-by-step engine maintenance guide to follow during your Caribbean yacht charter odyssey:

Before starting your boat:

  • Engine compartment: Take a quick look – make sure the bilge is clear.  Look for oil or water leaks, look for loose wires, and make sure all belts are ok.
  • Raw water inlet: Valve should be open and the strainer clear.
  • Fuel filter: Use a transparent filter and check for water or dirt. Drain off if needed.
  • Engine oil refill: Check with the dipstick. Fill if low, but take care not to overfill.
  • Checking bareboat engine

    Checking bareboat engine

    Ready to Start:

  • Switch over to starting battery. Start the engine with the gearbox in neutral, and run at medium revs to warm up.
  • Check the cooling water: Is it running from exhaust?
  • Look at the instrument panel:  make sure batteries are charging, and check the oil pressure.
  • While running:

  • Check the stern gland twice a day for leaks. Tighten the grease filter (if fitted) as needed.
  • Gearbox oil: Check periodically when the engine is running and warm. Remember to top up with gearbox oil, not engine oil.
  • These daily maintenance tips can prevent costly time delays during your vacation.  Now get out there and have some fun!

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