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For this vacation, you want to go on a sailing vacation, but you are being careful with the budget.

If you want to sail a yacht without hired crew members, you want to charter what is known as a, “bareboat.”

If you don’t have enough experience to sail it on your own, another way to sail is through skipper-only charters and flotillas.

On skippered charters, you rent the boat and you hire a skipper (provided by your bareboat yacht charter company, to sail the chartered yacht for you.  A main consideration in renting the boat will be the number of bedrooms (also known as cabins or staterooms) you will require to accommodate your guest count. 

With a flotilla, a number of boats with hired captains sails together. 

With a bareboat charter, you receive all the standard equipment to be comfortable and safe to sail the boat. Considered a self-catered floating villa, your yacht will have cabins, a lounge, a kitchen (galley), and an outdoor area.

Bareboat vacations are an adventure to last a lifetime.

Bareboat vacations are an adventure to last a lifetime.

Bareboat charters can be found in the United States US, Bahamas, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Turkey, and just about anywhere water is found!  Whether you are on a honeymoon or looking for an adventure with family or friends, a bareboat charter, whether skippered or bareboat (self-sailed), is an adventure of a lifetime.

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